About Sueppel Photography & Studio

Tori Lee Sueppel


fresh. simple. true.

     I have been a professional artist since 1994 to present. I have done custom photographics along with the booklets and calendars, seniors, family portraits and many more. I have designed logos for business cards or a combination with letter size, envelopes.  I also create posters and flyers, redesign production signs and wedding invitations. I have a lot of experience with customizing mat frames. I also reduce photos and ads. In the past I have designed a newsletter for the company I work for at  WCDC. Inc. (Advanced Employment Services). I am a supervisor in the Job Coaching department. I serve as an on-going training and support to individual's with disabilities to choose, obtain, and maintain competitive community employment. As a job coach I provide support to individuals on job sites for retention, understanding, and moral support to succeed in the community. Along with my full time job I am also a freelancer of Sueppel Photography & Studio.

     The last 20 years I have specialized in portraits, weddings, seniors pictures and also your favorite animals.  My favorite part being of an artist or photographer is I love to create a friendly, intimate atmostphere in which people can relax and have fun. My photography style is candid and photojournalistic with little posing: even in portrait sessions I find that the best photos are the ones you weren't expecting to see. 

    If you have an event coming up and are interested some of my work,  if you want something fun, fresh and uniquely you, please feel free to contact me and we'll talk. Thank you for taking the time to review my work. 


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